Project TCM V5.0


  1. — V5
  2. – Added
  3. Added Co-Host List (Add them to Host then the list and until they leave party you are good to go!)
  4. Added Verfied List (Add them to the Verified then the list and until they leave party you are good to go!)
  5. Added Black list (Add someone to the Black list and then kick them and if they get into any game with you from there on it will freeze there console)
  6. Added Freeze Team Consoles
  7. Added Ride Rocket
  8. Added Team Ride Rockets
  9. Nerfed Missile barge to reduce lag
  10. Made the Pretty doggy hump the other dog faster
  11. Menu is now stealth
  12. Added option in server settings to remove stealth
  13. Added option in server settings to move around in menu
  14. Crouch and hit left on Dpad to Noclip
  15. Crouch and hit hit left up on Dpad for quick mods
  16. Crouch and hit Down on Dpad for invisablitly
  17. Crouch and hit right on Dpad for legit aimbot
  18. Fixed physical weapon selector, Crouch and knife to make it go away nowVV
  19. Changed welcome message and image, Image now shows current map you are on :)
  20. Added Self Rank options
  21. Added stats menu for teams
  22. Added more Mini maps in menu
  23. Fixed fancy credits saying TrynCatchMe V5.0 to Project TCM V5.0
  24. Fixed change nuketown sign (Wasn’t working at all)
  25. Unlimited Ammo Can Now Be Toggled
  26. Added Ride Hunter Killer
  27. Added Ride Swarm
  28. Added Swarm Misses into modded weapons
  29. Added Swarm Fall + Ride
  30. Made a NukeTown spacific section under extra stuff
  31. Changed aimbot to super legit aimbot (A lot better guys :))
  32. add in menu download menu at
  33. Changed menu name on start up + welcome message + icon
  34. Made it so players can move before round starts if verified or above
  35. Made it say a message when freezing a player!
  36. Added Plaza Spacific items (Over 20)
  37. Added Fireworks shooting gun V1 (Shoot up for fireworks)
  38. Added Fireworks shooting gun V2 (Shoot ground and it will spawn a thing that shoots them up for you)
  39. Fixed Unlock Achievements for everyone
  40. Added unlock Achievements for teams
  41. Add message to when freezing player
  42. Made it so if something is map specific it will only come up in the menu when on that map
  43. Moved where it said team on bottom under page 2 to team on top, makes more sense 😀
  44. Over 43 options now in the All Clients tab including custom HUD :)
  45. Add legit aimbot to teams and all players
  46. Fix the text on mines saying press up to saying press down
  47. Fix Rocket teleport give them unlimited ammo
  48. Fixed it so when you bring full teams back to life you don’t respawn everyone only the dead
  49. – Nuketown spacific things added
  50. Fix the Blood man and Snow man
  51. Add Waterman and Dust Man
  52. Added Swag Man V2 (Changes through different player models)
  53. Added Laser FX man
  54. Added claymore FX man
  55. Take out ripped robby messsage section, I was younger when starting this and a YouTuber so competition is gone and I have no issue with robby.
  56. Fixed when reviving teams it brings everyone back and to spawn, Only revives the dead now
  57. Added respawn player (When dead or alive)
  58. Keep bringing people back to life (Work in progress)
  59. Added troll people you give the menu to (Tell them to go to camo menu ;))
  60. Added Keep youself alive (No need to keep reviving)
  61. Added keep team alive
  62. Added TDM lobby (For S&D its pretty cool, Brings people back when they die, Unlimited game) This function is really cool :)
  63. Added more button binds for when you go prone (Diamond camo, Revive team, Tiny Cross-hairs)
  64. Fixed it so all the shaders work in the top right mow, Changed from calling card to cammo no longer need the calling card to work :)
  65. Added more button binds, Go prone all the way and hit up to diamond cammo, Down for revive team, Right for small crosshairs.
  66. Fixed the CoHost List, Verify List, And Blacklist, No more glitches where randomly removed and can add as many people as you want!
  67. Added island to attach to player, Trololol looks weird
  68. Fixed gun stats fucking your KAP 40 up
  69. Added Diamond cammo LVL 55 for teams and whole lobby
  70. Fixed Adventure time for single player use, Teams, and whole lobby
  71. Finally fixed ESP wallhacks
  72. Added more options for the stairs
  73. Added Trickshot aimbot
  74. Added trickshot class to weapons
  75. Chopper gunner is back and fully working baby 😉
  76. Added ESP wallhack to quick mods
  77. Added disco vision to visions tab, Team menu’s and all players.
  78. Bubbles
  79. Stove Heat
  80. Sprinkle
  81. Steam
  82. Nuketown Sun
  83. Nuketown Sun Slow
  84. Nuketown Nuked
  85. Random Smoke?
  86. Sparkles
  87. Rings
  88. Some Swarm Shit
  89. Glass Break
  90. Fixed a few bugs
  91. – Removed
  92. Removed Hulk Mode to team menu (Glitches up)
  93. Removed Black hole was buggy as hell and a lot of code for something so useless


Download!Download Project TCM V5.0


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