Project TCM V6 Beta 1

  • Added a All in one lobby which is a surprise, Looks like you will have to try it out yourself!
    Added 4D ART
    Added Advanced Forge Mode
    Added fireworks to fun menu
    Added Troll Freezing to Teams and all players
    Added Troll HUD to teams and all players
    Added fuck the scoreboard UP
    Fixed Force Host
    Added A few troll options into player and all players
    Changed around where things where in the menu trying to make it look a bit nicer
    Added Rocket that kills players who are alive
    Added Mini Bomb
    Added TP to nearest Enemy
    Fixed Random Weapon for player, Team and All playersAdded 4 new faces for the sky under a new section
    Added FX Gun (Really cool long over due)
    Added break Team, Enemy, And all players game (Troll)
    Added a DVAR editor scroller
    Made Dvars only be edited by Host
    Added Option where you can make someone host
    Added a working All Client FOV
    Added Unlock some challenges (Testing)
    Fixed Spin Player
    Added Send to Prison
    When clicking give diamond camo HIT once take menu
    add new cool virus message trolls and a new section for them 😛
    Fix all client visions changer
    Make it so you can change the entire other team to your team
    Fixed up the team change.
    Added virus messag which says its hacking player then freezes console!
    Inatant end game added working perfect
    Added FX bullets
    Added Make player shake head to Allies, Enemy All Players, and players option
    Added Break Payers Screen to Allies, Enemy All Players, and players option
    Added Tbag Troll to Allies, Enemy All Players, and players option
    Made a new section of mods under players
    Changing team without dying, Change whole lobby team and change enemy alies team
    Made the give player Diamond camo, Camo lobby, Fuck gun stats etc work in around 3.77 seconds and stick perfect
    Added in All in one lobbie, XP lobbie, And camo lobbie, Took me hours to get this to a good state so use it up guys :)



Download!Download Project TCM V6.0 Beta 1!


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