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JRPC Coding Tutorial #1
I hope to start a seiries on this website based on coding tutorials for JRPC tools.
There are plenty of  YouTube tutorials, but they're by kids who don't know how to properly explain.

#1 Will be how to connect.

To begin, make sure you choose Windows Froms Application in C# when starting your new project.

Next, you must have XDevkit and JRPC set as a refrence in Visual Studio. To do so, click on "Project" located on the top tool bar, click on add refrence, add add the two dlls. I will upload them. 

After you've added the refrences, double click on your blank windows form. It will open up coding. Find where it says using System; etc. At the bottom, add using XDevkit; and using JRPC_Client;
It should look somewhat like this... [This]

Now that you've added the refrences, we can begin to actually get the connection line(s) started.
We're going to have to define our default console.
In this tutorial, I'll call our default console "Jtag".
Find your Public Partial Class.

Under the first brace ( { this mark), we're going to type "IXboxConsole Jtag;". Remember the semicolen. Every line needs an ending in coding. ";" means the line has ended.

You should now have [This].

Now that we've defined our console, we can start with the connect button!

Go to your Form1 design.
Find the toolbox and click button.

To rename it, look at it's properties on the bottom right hand side of your screen. Scroll through them and find "Text". Change this to Connect (or whatever you prefer).

Double click your newly added button.
Now, between the braces, we're going to add a if/else statement to make the "tool" a tad bit more stable.

if (Jtag.Connect(out Jtag))
                 Jtag.XNotify("Connected!\nThanks PoptartMods!");
                 MessageBox.Show("Connection Successful!");
                MessageBox.Show("Error! Unable to connect!");

This statement is basically saying if the tool gets connected to your jtag, then a message box will pop up telling you so as well as giving you a notification on your console, but if there is no connection, it will tell you so.
"\n" in coding means new line.
Previously, I said every line needs a semicolen to end. if/else statements do not need them on if and else, but every other line will.

Now it's time to test the tool! Make sure your default console is set in Xbox360 Neighborhood.

Go to Visual Studio, and start debugging your tool. To do so, just click "Start" on the debugger. [Help]

If you get [This] error, it's a simple fix! Just add XDevkit.dll to your debug folder on your project.
To do so, follow the path in the following screenshot! [Ye]

Congratulations! You've established a connect with your console! If you need more help, just reply to the thread!
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Great tutorial. Seems you put alot of time into this.
Can not wait for more tutorials to come from you!
(06-28-2016, 04:44 PM)Aedium Wrote: Great tutorial. Seems you put alot of time into this.
Can not wait for more tutorials to come from you!

Thanks. I'm a bit busy and have been for the last week or so. When I get some extra time I'll continue the series.

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