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The truth behind GamerSocial
Hello everyone, TrynCatchMe here!
I wanted to tell everyone the meaning behind this website here, Yes it is for my menu updates and such but its not really meant for modding/just modding, Its a gaming forum that will be turned into so much MORE! As some may know a LOT have been out to get my menu source and one has it, It really makes me want to to turn away from modding but you guys keep me going regardless of all these people doing this, Its not fair honestly but its life and its besides the point. We all know that one day the modding community will be DEAD, But I want to make sure you all know this is not really a modding forum alone, This was created for people to talk in general have fun and talk about gaming, Soon even much more then that. I want you guys to post as regular members and feel welcome because everyone here is equal when it comes to posting and replying and popularity etc, Its not only for my menu updates etc this is a gaming forum, So guys... Go talk about games new catagories updates etc will be coming really soon!
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