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Where is the activity guys, Where is the love?
Common Guys Lets Get Posting

There are many more things coming to the forum and to tell you guys how much I want to jump start the forums and that I love yall I will be giving away FREE VIP weeks, Months and years, We will hold a member of the month with 3 winners every month 1, Getting a year VIP 2, Getting 1 month, 3 getting 1 week. Games will be added to the arcade and tournaments can start, Remember guys this is a gaming forum we are all equal and we can all have just as much fun posting about gaming related stuff, More forums and features to come soon, The more activity and post I see the more motivated I literally get. I love you guys
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Still not much activity guys common, I know these forums could be VERY good if we could  get you guys to be active and post in them :/
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Time to start a new thread!
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I don't get it either.. With everyone that comes to this forum nobody ever checks threads or responds unless they're wanting something, no one ever comes on the forum to post the bugs that they have found, suggestions that they would like to be able to see in the menu for future updates! People just come into the forum, take the download and boom! They dip and you dont see them again until the next menu release! It would be helpful if everyone pitched in ideas and the bugs they find..
- Eggsy xD
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i known and i keep popping in here now and then to but cant keep posting in threads as i allready have, but hardly anyone else does or that means id be spamming lol come on peeps get posting and commenting.

AKA UK Gunner.....

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