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Mic Sadly Broken
Well today my mic finally took a poop on me so I am not sure when the next time I will be on will be especially to talk guys, Will get a new one a soon as I can prully save up for some new Astros or something, Love yall
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It happends to the best of us. My microphone has recently broken on me to. At least I can still talk and hear. I can still use it normally because I was lucky enough to have it just snap. You had it worse than me but it is a pain in the ass having to fix it everytime I take it off because of the glue and tape falling apart.

Well enough about my bitchy self, and one to you. Hopefully you get everything sorted out with the microphone so you can talk to all your friends, fans, leeches or whoever it seems to be. Good Luck(get astros they pretty good)

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