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Batch Scripting Tutorial #2
This is a short one but its something that will help you guys catch up on the tutorials that I will be making.

I am going to ask you guys to do something to help yourself with.
I am going to write some text below and I want you to copy and paste it into a .cmd file and run it. All the text you see there is code that you can use for batch, all you need to do is type the command and it will do what is says beside it. If you dont understand what some of the text there means, You can just google or skip it since %50 of the stuff on there will not come in handy when making batch files.
@echo off
pause >nul
When using this be sure not to press any keys cause it will close the program as I taught you in the last tutorial.

Well anyways. Ill be updating you guys with more tutorials on different languages and adding on more to the languages im all ready teaching.

If you have any languages that you would like the learn, feel free to hmu and ill write a tutorial as soon as possible.

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