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5 kv give away on 31st/july/2016 for modder of the month
Ok so as the forum is getting bigger i would like to host the first modder of the month competition. The competition winner will get 5kv tokens sent to them so enjoy and good luck rules listed below........

1: You will need to post a youtube video of you modding on xbox.
2: You must only post videos of you modding using the one and only project tcm.
3: Videos must only be uploaded in HD High quality vids.
4: It must be either a good voiced review video of the menu or a video of high quality showing the things you can do on the menu.
5. Make video entertaining like put music on if just showing the menu or voice over it.
6. Video name should be (BO2 menu project tcm Competition)
7: only one video per a person and post your videos here.

so thank you and good luck and help keep project tcm's forum active............


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