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Official Beta Testers
I will be creating a group very soon it will be called "Official Beta Testers" I will no longer be giving out versions on skype because it will be easier just to upload  it and the people added to this group get access to the download once i submit it, Early beta testers will get a update every 24-48 hours sometime a little sooner sometimes a little later, This group will be in the works but you must show activity on the forum and interest in the menu, You must also report back with bugs found and ideas you would like to see in the menu, Thanks guys!
this guy is legit
ye tru
Hell count me in! I would love to test it out and recommend new feature/report bugs! I'm on my RGH most the day past 4pm until I go to bed anymore, I have already found one bug though... Two players cant be in the "Player Menu" at the same time or else it causes your console to freeze :L
Awesome news im always on and running tmc so sign me up i started the add to future tcm page this should make it easier to report and suggest new ideas before other releases as always i cant wait to see furture progress on the site and menu! keep up great work ands news updates -Sub  "out"
I'm on almost 24/7 and I usually respond fast I am 100% down to be a beta tester for the menu my skype (if you want it) is MrMainlyGaming (Will come up as VariationModz) I CANNOT WAIT to see what unique ideas you bring to you're menu in the future

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